Jonathan Smith

Sliders & Ranges

jQuery Knob jQuery Dial

Nice, downward compatible, touchable, jQuery dial.


  • Canvas based; no png or jpg sprites.
  • Touch, mouse and mousewheel, keyboard events implemented.
  • Downward compatible; overloads an input element.

jQuery Knob

jQuery Knob is a downward compatible, canvas based and touch friendly jQuery dial

Display input disabled

Rounded Linecap

Cursor Mode

Angle offset and arc

Display previous values

Five digit values with 1,000 steps

  • Alerts Get notified on new alerts
  • Notifications Get notified on new notifications
  • Messages Get notified on new messages
  • Warnings Get notified on new warnings
  • Snap to increments
    Amount ($100 increments):
  • Range
    Price range:
  • Maximum
    Maximum Value:
  • Minimum
    Minimum Value: