Jonathan Smith

Form Masks

Input Masks

Input masks integrate formatting cues directly into an input field to help signal how to correctly answer a question. These formatting instructions are automatically included in an input and cannot be removed by a user. More importantly, a user cannot enter other non-valid characters into the input field.

With Avenger, you can add these masks directly inline with the HTML5 data-inputmask attribute. No code necessary!

Masked Input Fields


(999) 999-9999

(999) 999-9999 x99999

+33 999 999 999




PO: aaa-999-***


right alignment

left alignment

  • Alerts Get notified on new alerts
  • Notifications Get notified on new notifications
  • Messages Get notified on new messages
  • Warnings Get notified on new warnings
  • Snap to increments
    Amount ($100 increments):
  • Range
    Price range:
  • Maximum
    Maximum Value:
  • Minimum
    Minimum Value: